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“..for the more you fall, the more you rise and the more you do both, the easier it will be to find yourself again.” Be Gentle – Robert M. Drake

Within the last few months, I feel like there’s something came up to my mind. Thing like a desire to change and move (from what may or even have made me feel comfort for a long time) onto the fact that I must go on.

It reminds me to the incident in last 5 years that really changed my whole life. Knowing that I don’t want it to force me to accept things to change anymore, I decided to change it myself.

No, it’s not kinda my-resolution-to-achieve-in-2017 thing. It just happened in the right time.

Long story short, I learnt how to let go of something I really love, to forgive a mistake I really hate, to forget the things that leave scars in me. I learnt a lot. I deal with myself that being alone for some reasons is much better than to hurt (and being hurt by) other people involved.

As the time flies and I get older, I realize that I ultimately need my own space to find myself, heal my wounds, and roam freely.

I don’t really like to say this, but I won’t be the same after all, and this is how change happens. And now that if you find me different with the one you used to know, then I really am. :)

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