“Do You Miss Him?”

I was trying to sleep as I have my bedtime so bad currently. But my head is in so many different places. Oh, to be honest, my heart actually is. Or, I’m myself can’t even figure this exhaustion out. I can’t simply shut my eyes and wake up okay.

I wish I could just pour all of my heavy thought and the mess feeling into this. I wish I could just drain all the sadness and the disappointment. I wish I could just tell you. Things weren’t supposed to end up this way. Even if things will ultimately end up in way we never expected.

I wish I could just tell you…

That loving and forgetting are in the same side. I am sorry for not being sure to choose and having courage to let you go. I die every night thinking of a question that makes my heart stop and mind roam; “do you miss him?”




I do. I just wanted to tell you but I couldn’t.


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