Hidden Nature’s Masterpiece in Bali

Who would have thought that there would be a very beautiful and amazing place in Bali beside the mainstream beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and islands?

As Bali has already being too crowded with tourist herds in every corner, it has no more interests that could fascinates nor mesmerize me. But, hey! This place does!


It’s Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon which is located in Guwang village, Sukawati, where most of people know it as the famous center of Balinese souvenirs shops.

The rock wall sidelines eroded by the river water for hundreds of thousands of years, so it formed and patterned the rock wall in such very amazing way.



The word “hidden” in hidden canyon does truly mean hidden peachy and peaceful ambiance for it’s away from the crowds. (At least since the place was newly opened until the time I went there, this sentence is true :p)

It didn’t cost very much for the entrance ticket, it was just Rp15.000/each. We were also guided by a local as a ranger and he didn’t ask for any amount of money. I think this very cheap entrance ticket is not worth and such nothing for the water adventure and great services the rangers gave to us. They deserve more. I mean the entrance ticket should be a bit more expensive for the maintenance and supporting facilities, and the guides should get tip for their effort (to guide you the right step, to keep you away from the slippery and sharp rocks).

It has 3 canyons and took about 2 hours for us to trek to the third. My friends and I went there in November and the ranger told us that we were lucky because it wasn’t rain that day while couple days before we came the heavy rain caused the river flooded so high.

The river water was somewhat brown, but who cares? We’re chillin’ out with water.

Ps: pardon my not very pro pictures. But this place is way more beautiful for sure.

14 thoughts on “Hidden Nature’s Masterpiece in Bali

    1. Iya emang keruh karena curah hujan lagi tinggi, beberapa hari sebelumnya hujan terus sampe sungainya meluap.

  1. Beji Guwang Canyon is great canyon and beautufull, its the amazing place hah.

    Entrance ticket very cheap. 15000/each really?

    You look very happy ya mbak. Hahaha
    I never goes to Bali when I was a student high school for Study Tour. I trip to Kuta, Sanur beach and other beautifull places in Bali Island.

    Sorry for my bad engslish, cz when my teacher was teaching im not in a classroom wkwkwkwk.

  2. bali memang punya wisata wisata yang keren keren
    untuk masuk ke Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon juga tergolong murah ya :D

    iya iya mba, airnya coklat gitu, keruh
    apa itu karna banyak orang yang nyebur disana jadi keruh :D

    1. Iya murah banget emang.
      Gak ada yg renang kok, itu emang karena beberapa hari sebelumnya hujan terus, jadi debit airnya juga naik.

  3. Dear Mba Serli,

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    Thanks n Regards,

  4. Waa sayang banget ya airnya jadi kotor gitu.
    padahal tempatnya kece badai.
    ini spot cocok banget loh buat foto-foto.
    setiap sudutnya instagramable.
    doakan semua aku bisa kesini ya gan :)

  5. thats beautifull place, river between rocks. Any waterfall at there? I think it has. But i don’t know where it is. :D
    I imagine cool water touch my body, and fresh air… wuaaaaa… I want go there. Sense every corner at there.
    Bali always has amazing place, not just the sea or the people.

  6. When I never look your writing I am supposed that not in Bali, cause the place like on Java. haha.. anti-mainstream destination..

    gue baru kesini kayanya nih mbak Ser, salam kenal yah. I am interested of your writing, much of your writing in English, I like it.. hehe

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