In Between

Well, I’m not going to make it more complex. Because it already is.

I’d like to give you the raw truth about how it felt when I tried to run away. When I tried to push you away.

I was out of my mind. I was all about what all people might say crazy. I pretended like everything is alright yet my head really knew that my heart was out of control.

I know it’s hard to understand me. I am sorry. I know it’s even hard to love me.

It’s just difficult for me to admit the truth that I’m afraid of losing people. That I’m afraid of watching people go. I have a lot of trouble of trusting people.

I was somewhere else, looking for some better ways to heal my soul. To find my own self. I was perplexed of being in a self love or selfishness.

We were both misapprehend. But I didn’t give in, I won’t. And that’s the same way I wish you to.

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