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To be honest, it might dissapoint you as it’s not a kind of romance or drama story of teenagers. It’s just a short thought that cross my mind couple days ago.

It was the second time my husband and I doing pregnancy check.

Almost everyday before getting pregnant, I kept whining to my husband, “I want a baby or twin” I always guessed that I was pregnant if I had my period late. But that was just one or two days late and I got my period then eventually. He told me that we’ll have it once god let us to. :)

On last December, I was nervous and a bit excited because my period was late for about a week. Then we decided to do pregnancy check with testpack. Twice. Guess what! They both showed two lines; positive. We were super happy!

In the first check up, the doctor confirmed that I was six weeks pregnant, I was very happy and anxious in the same time, thinking of will I be a good mother or could I supply good nutritions for our baby. The first trimester was quite hard for me since I was not in good mood to eat healthy foods I often craving for instant noodle and fast food, and not really interest in vegetables. :(

But last few night, the second time we checked up to doctor, we see that our baby has grown a lil bigger with his age about 15w6d. through USG, we could also hear his heart rate and watched him moving swiftly. I can’t stop smiling and unconsciously fell in love with him for the first time. <3

As my love for our baby grows, I also love myself and my husbnad more and more which I myself can’t even describe it through any writings.


PS: I can’t wait for the next regular check to see our baby and see his another agility. :))

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