April, 30

Ada hal yang tak akan bisa selesai hanya dengan secangkir kopi atau sebait puisi.

Kamu tahu, urusan hati tak akan bisa terurai hanya dengan saling membisu.

Kamu tahu, seribu sajak pun tak akan pernah cukup untuk menuliskan semua tentang kita. Tentang kamu dan rinduku.

Maka ceritakan lagi padaku, tentang hari-harimu … (more...)


Random Thought

Do you still read on this blog everytime you miss me?

If by any chance you read this one, I just want you to immediately text me “hi, I do” in after.… (more...)


In Between

Well, I’m not going to make it more complex. Because it already is.

I’d like to give you the raw truth about how it felt when I tried to run away. When I tried to push you away.

I was out of my mind. I was all about what all … (more...)


“Do You Miss Him?”

I was trying to sleep as I have my bedtime so bad currently. But my head is in so many different places. Oh, to be honest, my heart actually is. Or, I’m myself can’t even figure this exhaustion out. I can’t simply shut my eyes and wake up okay.

I … (more...)


Curhatan (calon alumni) Mahasiwa

Tulisan ini dibuat kurang lebih tiga jam sebelum invoice expired.


Hampir dua bulan gak nulis apapun di blog karena tuntutan tugas akhir a.k.a SKRIPSWEET ❤

Sekarang pun sebenernya masih bingung mau nulis apa, tapi mumpung lagi mumpung… Mau curhat … (more...)


Hidden Nature’s Masterpiece in Bali

Who would have thought that there would be a very beautiful and amazing place in Bali beside the mainstream beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and islands?

As Bali has already being too crowded with tourist herds in every corner, it has no more interests that could fascinates nor mesmerize me. But, hey! … (more...)



Credits to instagram.com/saniyafayyaz
Credits to instagram.com/saniyafayyaz

“..for the more you fall, the more you rise and the more you do both, the easier it will be to find yourself again.” Be Gentle – Robert M. Drake

Within the last few months, I feel like there’s something came up to my mind. Thing like … (more...)

Thought, Voyage

Short Thought About A Wrong Travel Companion

To spend the end of November few a week ago, I realized my plan to climb Mt. Raung in Banyuwangi. I am such an open and up-to-anything kind of people. Going there with my cousin and 4 new guys I never travel with before wasn’t something that really mind me … (more...)


Melarikan Diri dari Kuta

Few work days passed, here comes the weekend.

Karena udah amat sangat bosan dengan atmosfer Kuta yang amat sangat sumpek dengan turis, saya rasa saya betul-betul harus kabur dan melarikan diri. Dan beruntungnya, Bali gak melulu soal pantai, jadi pelarian diri kali ini bisa memberi penyegaran untuk otak, mata dan … (more...)


Why Do I Blog?

I know it’s been a day past but I still really wanna greet myself for this special day as today is Youth Pledge Day (Hari Sumpah Pemuda).

The writing below probably will tell you briefly about what makes me keep blogging.

I know what it’s like to have a bunch (more...)