The Need to Love Again

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I don’t think a year could end this fast. I went through a lot of things. To see. To listen. To learn. To think. To write. To Love.

2019 ended with many things related to the state of crowd, somthing that I enjoyed and, at the same time, very worried about.

At some points, I feel very conscious about need of spending time with myself alone: the time to not being with people. It gives me more understanding about myself because I can learn to listen more. It create a healthy balance for my social life.

Everything won’t always be easy. Sometimes I long to have my private time, but sometimes I want my husband to always by my side, so that I can hold his hands as long as possible.

However, I’m thankfull for the countless beautiful things in my life. Perhaps all I should do is just learning. To love again.


Tangerang, January 6th, 2020

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